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Farm Compliance Checklist

NR 151 Farm Compliance Checklists –
samples from several counties

Some counties have developed farm checklists to record the NR 151 compliance status of cropped fields and livestock facilities. These checklists have several uses. One is to serve as a starting point for discussing NR 151 performance standards and prohibitions with farmers. Another is to document general farm status in meeting the standards and prohibitions. The checklist may also be used as part of the compliance status report, but care is needed to make sure that a checklist used in this way is adequately detailed. 

The purpose of the compliance status report is to identify the compliance status of each parcel on the farm with respect to each of the applicable performance standards and prohibitions. If the checklist is to be used as the body of a compliance status report, it must be sufficiently detailed to differentiate which parcels meet, and which do not meet, each of the applicable performance standards. This will allow use of the checklist to identify which parcels have needs and which have met standards and are required to stay in compliance regardless of future cost sharing. If the County has another place to record compliance information by parcel, then the checklist can be less detailed.

Sample Agricultural Performance Checklists

arrow Dane County (pdf 38 KB)

arrow Dunn County (pdf 42 KB)

arrow Monroe County (pdf 1.7 MB)

arrow Ozaukee County (pdf 42 KB)

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